What documents are needed to open an account?

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You will need the following documents to open an account:

1. Proof Of ID (POI)

    Scanned copy of Passport or copy of national Identity card or any governmental form of ID such as a driving license.

    The Proof of ID includes: your full name and photo.

    2. Proof Of Residence (POR)

    Copy of a Utility Bill up to six months old that indicates your name and physical address.

    3. Proof of Credit Card

    Front and Back copy of the credit card showing the following:

    • First 6 digit and last 4 digits. Please hide the middle 6 digits and the CVV

    • Full name

    • Expiration date

    Further additional documentation is required for establishing the legal engagement between the client and the Broker.

    4. Trading Agreement

    You are obligated to sign the Credit Card Declaration (CCD) agreement manually.

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