I’m a total beginner. Where do I start?

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You’re in the right place!

Ontega is the place, especially if you are just getting started with trading online.

All you need to do to start is:

- Register with our revolutionary $5 beginner investment plan

    - Experience real trading in a low-risk environment

    - Improve your trading skills with courses designed by professional traders

      - Progress from beginner to advanced trader at your own pace!

      Why Ontega is a great place to start:

      First of all, it does not require you to deposit a lot of money before you really know what you’re doing.

      You can start with our $5 beginner plan, to get a feel for how the platform works, how to open a position, how the markets react and experience trading in a low-risk environment.

      The platform is built to allow you to trade, learn and earn all in one place. You rapidly improve your skills with the free courses, created by professional traders and as you progress, the platform nudges you with prompts and tips to help you earn more.

      Tracking your progress is easy and you always know exactly what you need to do in order to move forward so that go you from beginner to advanced trader at your own pace.

      Welcome to the exciting world of online trading!

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